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Mind Body and Beyond Center – Pathways to Health and Wellness
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Health is the greatest gift. Contentment the greatest wealth. Faithfulness the best relationship. - Buddha -

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Shift Your Mindset

Comprehensive. Integrative. Transformative.  Strategies for developing awareness and understanding. Harmonize the mind and the body and spirit will follow.


Nourish Your Life

Wellness tips, customized meal plans, healthy recipes that are adaptable for the entire family, cooking classes & fitness professionals to help you meet your goals.


Cultivate Spirit

Find greater intuitive and creative ability, have a fuller expression of love, enhance your sense of self worth and bring spiritual qualities into your life.

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We offer classes, workshops, educational programs and wellness retreats.

Click each tab for more details.

Special Promotions

September Specials

20% off the following wellness services:
  • Reiki and Energy Healing
  • Light Energization
  • Color and Sound Healing
  • Spiritual Energy Healing
Other Deals:
  • Enjoy a free RoHun Therapy consultation with Dr. Julie Dietrich! ($50 value)
  • 1-hour Swedish Massage for $45
  • Life Path Readings by Irene Schrank:
-$25 for 15 min
-$50 for 30 min
-$125 for 60 min In-Depth Reading with tape recording
Upcoming Event- Journey Through the Chakras

Journey Through the Chakras Workshop:


“Using the color wheel and the seven energy centers to enhance your life, clear blockages and thought patterns that no longer serve you.”


Thursday, September 7th from 6:30- 7:30 pm -Open Discussion Following

Cost is $15 or $10 if you bring a friend.

Location: Mind Body & Beyond Center


Included in this workshop:

  • You will learn how to attune yourself to your chakras and begin to familiarize yourself with the elements and the chakras.
  • Learn the meaning and function of each chakra.
  • Be able to determine when a chakra is either deficient or excessive.
  • Explore characteristics of a balanced chakra.
  • Guidelines for bringing your own chakras into balance.


Led by Irene Schrank

Spiritual Advisor, Color Therapist and Reiki Healer

Find out more about Irene at www.ChakraWork.com

Group Past Life Regression

Join us Monday, August 21st, for our next fun (and fascinating!) Group Past Life Regression! Experience your past lives and bring past strengths and positive attributes back into your current life!


This month’s event is extra special as it will be occurring during the total solar eclipse and will intensify the experience even more! You don’t want to miss this one! The guided regression is from 6:30-8 pm and the cost is $25 or reduced to $20 if you bring a friend! Led by Dr. Julie Dietrich.


Call (904) 992-9930 to reserve your spot today. Spots are limited.

Meditation Classes

Guided meditation sessions to reduce stress, enhance wellness and fuel creativity.


Session are Mondays from 7- 8:15 pm and include a voluntary discussion and interpretation.


The cost is $20 but if you bring a friend it’s $15!

Call to let us know that you plan to attend.

We will be offering Specialized Meditation Training Classes beginning in January!

Coming Soon
Yoga Wednesdays @ 12:00- 1pm

Weekly Classes-$10 drop in –First class is Free!

Guided Detox

With this Detox, you will:

  • Kick Your Cravings to The Curb
  • Lose Weight Naturally
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Enjoy Deep & Restful Sleep

What’s included in your Program?

  1. Your Guide For Detox – A step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to detox in a safe and natural way.
  2. A Recipe Guide – You will have 61 recipe’s that are created by a chef that understands the importance of improving digestion, decreasing inflammation, and keeping your taste buds happy.
  3. Daily E-mail Support – You will receive daily e-mails from me supporting you through the entire process.
  4. Suggested Meals For 11 Days – You will never feel deprived, hungry or confused about what to eat or when to eat.
  5. The Ultimate Success Kit – This kit has every tool you need to dig deep to find the motivation to stick to the program and make your detox success last a lifetime.
  6. A Shopping List – This makes shopping super easy, which will facilitate prepping, preparing, and cooking for your detox
  7. Private Facebook Group – A place you can go to ask questions, get support and be inspired with new recipes.


Plus, you get a BONUS 30-minute Post-Detox Strategy Session.


Group Detox $99 – invite a friend and both with get $25 off!


Self-guided available for purchase anytime. Go at your own pace. $59


Call our team to sign up and get started.


Boost Your Metabolism!

Introduction to Reiki

Introduction to Reiki Class taught by Reiki Master, Irene Schrank


Come learn how to improve your quality of life with more peace, happiness, and joy, using this ancient healing technique and how you can begin to use this healing for your own health and others.

Contact our team to register.

Inner Sanctuary Training

Inner Sanctuary Training is life training. What you learn here will become a foundation from which you can build and design the life you want to live.


The Inner Sanctuary Training establishes the sacred space within where you can go to receive spiritual insight and answers to your questions, release negative thoughts and feelings, restore balance and vitality, manifest your creative ideas, and strengthen your sense of purpose.


Every Monday for 5 weeks – Starting Date: TBA  Cost: $300


The program is led by Dr. Julie Dietrich or Dr. Melissa Fenton

Please call or e-mail to enroll in this training.

Play the following video to know more about who we are and what we do.




“Fantastic massage with a great atmosphere and music. Sherry hit perfect trigger points and really listened to what my problem areas were. I have had a hundred massages and this ranks #1- will definitely be back!” -Amia S.


"A Google search led me to PsychologyToday.com where I searched for an alternative mental therapy solution, rather than a typical run-of-the-mill psychologist, and that’s when Dr. Julie Dietrich's name came up. Her vast credentials and inspirational philosophies have impressed me so much that I reached out to her center, Mind & Body Beyond, to book my consultation visit with Julie. When I arrived, the center was so welcoming and cozy with its friendly staff that got me set up with Julie right away. When I sat down with Julie, I got this strong feeling that Julie would be able to help me reach my goals with such genuine professionalism and compassion. Julie and I hit it right off the bat and we immediately went into deep conversation about my background and issues. She was very understanding and patient to allow me to connect the dots and give her a broader view on my entire situation. Once we had established the foundation, Julie explained and planned out a strategy through RoHun therapy sessions with such confidence and firm conviction. Later on, I became committed to understanding my true self through the RoHun therapy sessions. For the next three intense RoHun sessions, Julie was very accommodating and explained every process clearly meeting my expectation right on par. I was able to learn so much about myself with Julie's guidance and interpretations as I continue to discover more about myself and open myself with such clarity and with a wider understanding of the world. After I completed all of my sessions, I felt like a massive burden had been uplifted off my shoulders. I was also determined to readjust my life goals and outlook in a new way that I never thought after having one of the most intense spiritual experiences of my life.” -Josh S.


“It only takes one person to make a difference in a person’s life. Irene has helped change the trajectory of mine- from a place of pain and emptiness to self-love and gratitude. She has done this by giving me the tools to build myself up from within. I am forever grateful for her presence in my life and the gifts she has.” -Julie


"I never knew about spirituality and how our own energy works and affects us until a friend told me about Julie. I had gone through some very traumatic stuff over the past year and decided I needed to speak to a therapist. I hesitated because in the past I had gone to traditional therapists a few times for various stressful situations and none of them really did anything to help. After my first counselling session with Julie I was amazed at how she interacted with me much differently than past counseling... in a good way. I left the session feeling so uplifted. She told me about RoHun and what it would do for me. I thought about it a month or so and finally decided to do it. To my amazement, it has positively affected my life. After each RoHun therapy session, I left feeling so much happier and calmer. So far, I've only completed the 3 Purification sessions and I feel like I am finally the person I've always wanted to be. For me, this is definitely worth the financial expense. I wish I knew about this years ago when I was a teenager." -Sharon H.

“Over the years Irene has helped me tremendously to overcome many things. Not only has she steered me to become more spiritual by introducing me to the Art of Living Foundation, where I learned to do breath work and Meditation. Also around that time Irene taught me how to do Reiki Healing. When I had Poly Myalga Rheumatica, which is a disease where your body attacks your immune system and every muscle in your body aches at the slightest touch, Irene helped me recover by doing long distance Reiki while I also did Reiki at the same time. She also told me to picture the pain going up and out of the top of my head, while i pictured I am well in front of me at the same time. I recovered fast and have no residual pain from this disease. When I needed a hip replacement 5 years ago Irene told me to do Reiki every day on my hip for several months before surgery and after surgery the same. Everyone at the Rehab place where i stayed for 2 weeks after surgery couldn't believe how fast I healed. The replacement was on my right hip and I was driving one month after surgery and was able to dance 2 and a half months after surgery. Besides these instances, Irene is constantly helping me to grow spiritually to this day.” - Renee H.


“I am a 58 y/o woman suffering from multiple serious health issues and ordinary every-day emotional stress issues that many middle-aged single women face. I met Melissa Fenton 2 years ago seeking hypnosis yet we ended up speaking of spiritual energy healing the entire time. When my health issues arrived, I knew I needed to see someone on her team to supplement traditional medicine and truly get to the bottom of the source of my issues. I have found (was led to) the exact practitioner to help me resolve my issues. Julie Dietrich is an amazingly talented Spiritual Healer. Her in-depth knowledge and talent combined with her compassion, empathy and understanding is extremely helpful and healing in all aspects as the aptly named Mind Body & Beyond. She has relieved me of so many personal and physical difficulties. I have faith in Julie and a renewed faith in my future living as a happy, healthy, beautiful life that we all deserve.” - Lisa B.


“I feel so relaxed and happy after my healing with Julie. I feel a strong sense of calm and know that everything in my life will be fine.” - Sharon H.


“Irene is such a genuine and caring person; I feel so very fortunate to have crossed paths with her. I saw Irene during a time in my life where I was questioning everything; my life choices, career, future, etc. - basically a mid-life crisis. Irene helped me to see my journey from a completely different perspective. She gave me hope and helped to uncover a life that indeed does have meaning. Our sessions together provided me with newfound clarity and confidence, each of which that has now transitioned throughout all aspects of my life. I can't thank Irene enough for her intuitive reassurance and helping me to truly see what was right before my very own eyes.” - Jamie D.


Julie Dietrich's RoHun sessions are absolutely amazing. I definitely felt much better right away. She's a miracle worker! Will be coming back again and again! - Vanessa B.


“Working with Dr. Melissa Fenton over the past four years has helped me to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually in more ways than I could have possibly imagined. She has helped me to see and realize the greatness of who I am. She has helped me to access a world in which at times I thought was inaccessible, reminding me that I can become and achieve anything that I put my mind to. I am eternally grateful for Melissa as she continues to inspire me on a daily basis.” - Andrea S.

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