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Golden Sun Meditation – Mind Body and Beyond Center
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Golden Sun Meditation

Color therapy (also known as chromotherapy or light therapy) is a holistic form of healing that uses the visible spectrum of light and color to affect a person’s mood and physical or mental health. This type of therapy can be practiced by anyone at anytime. By visualizing color, or looking at something that is colored, the brain is stimulated and the systems that govern hormone production are called to action. Hormones are the ‘mood’ motivators of the body. They trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response and also the ‘relax…everything is ok’ response.

Color visualization has an effect on this chemical production and works on every cell in the body. The brain interprets the frequency of the color body and chemistry shifts bringing change to feelings, thoughts and changes that are needed in life. 

Each color has a unique frequency that stimulates a quality of mood or frame of mind. When there is a preference for a certain color there is a corresponding attraction or need for that particular vibration and the ‘mood quality’ or ‘point of view’ that the color brings. When a person chooses a certain color it is what the inner-self is wanting.

Let’s use the color Golden Yellow for an example:

The vibration of Golden Yellow is related to knowledge, wisdom, confidence and joy. It represents the harvest… the bounty of knowledge that has been gained from all of life’s experiences and it opens the door to the wisdom that has been stored in memory.

When there is confusion, anxiety, fear and negative energy, the frequency of Golden Yellow brings light and warmth….like golden sunshine coming out from behind the clouds and this has a calming, re-balancing effect on the nervous system. Stress is released, wisdom gained from past experiences comes into the mind and there is more understanding. ‘Bright ideas’ or new solutions to current challenges surface and confidence is strengthened.

The technique is simple:

Take a moment to sit and relax a bit. Take a few deep breaths and begin to imagine….

A Golden Yellow color like golden sunshine above your head and all around you.

Imagine that your breath is a vehicle…a current… that can move the golden yellow color through your nose and into your head, neck, lungs. Inhale deeply…exhale and relax.

Take another deep golden yellow breath in and imagine that the color is filling you chest and arms, even moving down into your hands and through your fingers. Keep this vision of being filled with golden sunlight and relax and soften a little bit more.

Do this a few more times and then take a few resting breaths and just relax where you are sitting.

This will fill your body and all of the space around your body with fresh and renewed glowing energy. Relaxing like this lowers blood pressure, lessens muscular tension and eases mental and emotional stress. In a more relaxed state of being, there is more understanding of a situation or relationship, a clearer vision of goals and priorities and insight into the spiritual purpose of life.

Thank you for taking time to tune in here.


Irene Schrank

Meditation Teacher

Reiki Master

Certified Clairvoyant

Intuitive Guide


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