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13500 Sutton Park Drive South, Suite 203 | Jacksonville, FL 32224

Baileigh Wilks – Mind Body and Beyond Center
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Sound Baths with Baileigh

Baileigh Wilks, Sound Healing Facilitator

Acutonics, Music Lessons, Sound Baths

As a child, Baileigh gravitated towards the musical and linguistic arts, beginning with poetry and later teaching herself guitar, piano, and several other instruments. After pursuing music for two years at Florida State College of Jacksonville as a guitar performance major, she began teaching students at Wind of Change Music Academy guitar, piano, ukulele, and drums. Meanwhile, she began working in administration at Mind Body & Beyond Center. The support and inspiration she felt from her coworkers, family, and friends led her to begin her practice in Reiki along with other types of healing arts.

Most recently, she has begun her studies in Acutonics, an integrative medicine and sound-based therapy. It draws from Chinese Medicine, cosmology, science and psychology. It uses the five elements, energetic points and meridians with the resonant quality of tuning forks, gongs, and Tibetan bowls to treat emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments. She also sings, plays guitar, and composes for the local band, Conduit—a unique style of jazz, indie, and spirituality.



At Mind Body & Beyond Center, Baileigh Wilks offers music lessons for well-being, Acutonics sound therapy, and Reiki energy healing.


Acutonic Healing Sessions

Music Lessons for Well-Being