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Julie Dietrich – Mind Body and Beyond Center
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Julie Dietrich, PhD, MhD, RHDI

Holistic Health Practioner, Intuitive Therapist, Healing Facilitator

This new year Mind Body & Beyond Center is extremely pleased and excited to welcome Dr. Julie Layne Dietrich to our team of excellent specialists. Dr. Dietrich recently moved from Indiana to share her light with the City of Jacksonville through her numerous powerful and effective healing modalities.


Last fall, Julie graduated from Delphi University with her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology & Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies along with her MhD in Metaphysical Healing. Julie is a skilled and knowledgeable Holistic Health Practitioner, a down-to-earth Intuitive Therapist and a powerful Healing Facilitator.

Dr. Dietrich will be offering a unique and powerful healing called “Light Energization.” This vibrant energetic process helps to awaken one’s own divine inner light resulting in comprehensive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. This session helps to strengthen the bond between the client and Spirit; illuminating our soul’s purpose and drive. Additionally, Julie will be conducting Color & Sound Healings. This healing modality harnesses our knowledge of our body’s bio-energetic field and using tuning forks, vocalization and directed color bring our body back to a healthy, comfortable and functioning vibration.


As a Doctor of RoHun and Transpersonal Psychology, Julie also performs many beneficial psychospiritual therapies. She offers a wide range of transformative and invaluable sessions that include: RoHun, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, and Yhandi’s Inner Light. During these sessions, Dr. Dietrich uses her concentrated ability as an Intuitive Therapist to explore and heal our hidden reasons for self-sabotage while also instilling new and innovative methods of personal growth and reveals empowering tools to reclaim control of our lives.


Whether you’re dealing with a physical ailment, stress-overload, or just feel like there’s a missing piece to your traditional wellness routine – Dr. Dietrich has a solution for you! Schedule a consultation now to discuss your options with Julie and find a healing program tailored to your individual needs!


Ro Hun



Regression Therapy

Contact Julie: jdietrich@mbandbcenter.com