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13500 Sutton Park Drive South, Suite 203 | Jacksonville, FL 32224

Melissa Fenton, PhD, LMHC – Mind Body and Beyond Center
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Melissa Fenton, PhD, LMHC

Couples Counseling
EMDR Therapy
Grief/Trauma Counseling
Ro Hun Therapy
Spiritual Counseling



Dr. Melissa Fenton is a licensed psychotherapist, doctoral level sexologist and a doctoral level RoHun therapist. In addition, she is certified in EMDR, hypnotherapy and grief counseling and has extensive training in spiritual counseling. Dr. Fenton is a Qualified Supervisor to registered interns working toward their licensure. She has been in private practice in the Jacksonville, Florida area for over 15 years and has been married to a wonderful man and her best friend for over 26 years. Melissa has three very active children keeping her plenty busy when she’s not at the office.

In her practice, Dr. Fenton works with individuals and couples concerned with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and relationship discord.

In addition to practicing traditional psychology, Dr. Fenton has completed extensive studies and training in Spiritual and Transpersonal Psychology, enabling her to create a highly-effective integrative approach to mental health. She believes the “whole” person is addressed when approaching wellness and healing from a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual perspective.As a grief counselor, she understands how each person experiences grief in their own, unique way. Loss is not limited to the death of a loved one. It includes: divorce, career change, health, infertility, and many other life transitions. Dr. Fenton offers a holistic healing approach that helps her clients return to their lives with greater personal and professional functioning.

She also specializes in Human Sexuality, which covers a wide array of issues including sexual desire, addiction, infidelity, identity difficulties and more. Dr. Fenton works with her clients in a collaborative effort to best help them overcome these life challenges.

Melissa Fenton speaks nationally to audiences in order to reach those that are unable to see her privately. This venue enables Dr. Fenton to help educate and discuss therapeutic approaches for treating grief, anxiety. chronic illness and pain as wellas other psychological concerns. She has been a columnist at The Beaches Leader and a radio talk show host to better reach those that may not seek counseling on an individual basis, but may want to understand how to improve their personal and professional relationships.

Dr. Fenton established Mind Body & Beyond as a result of her belief system that emotional, physical and spiritual health, which affects everyone around us, work interdependently. Through the combination of treatments using traditional psychotherapy, physical, emotional and spiritual therapies, our clients emerge as newer and better versions of themselves, more aware and empowered to live purposeful and harmonious lives.