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Karen Whisperer is a Nationally known Psychic Medium who travels the country, offering her Mediumship Sessions and Gallery Events.


She currently has locations in Myrtle Beach, SC, New Hampshire,

New York, New Jersey, Florida and Los Angeles.


Karen connects to spirits on the Other Side and offers messages of

peace, guidance and clarity to her guests, whether in one on one private sessions,

in home Mediumship Galleries or Public Mediumship Gallery events.


In a gallery setting, all guests sit in a circle or semi-circle,

space permitting, and listen as she connects with their deceased loved ones and

delivers messages from them to those in the audience. Guests will laugh,

cry and support each other as those in Spirit come forth with love.


Several years ago, hit with the death of yet another family

member, Karen began realizing that what she had previously thought was a normal

experience with intuition, was actually a connection from someone who had

passed. As the days and weeks went on, the connections multiplied. Over

the past few years, she has taken her mediumship ‘on the road” to reach as many

people as possible that wish to have a loving connection with a friend or

family member, through her abilities.


Karen has been featured on several news stations and talk shows

and is currently the author of her first book to be released in 2020.


A 55 year resident of New Hampshire, Karen has recently made

Myrtle Beach her home. She is a mom of 4 and a Gamma of 6.


$177/60 min

Call for appointment or book online: 603-365-0634