Holistic Wellness Center relocates adjacent to Mayo Clinic

Mind Body and Beyond Center, Northeast Florida’s integrative, holistic wellness center, has moved to a new larger location across from Mayo Clinic. The new center is located in Pablo Professional Park at 14215 Spartina Court, Suite 300, off of William Davis Parkway.

The 2,500-square-foot center is more than twice the size of its former Jacksonville location. The center offers an array of mental health and holistic wellness services including mental health counseling, career counseling, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, spiritual healing, spiritual counseling and more.

“While modern medicine has done so much to enhance health, there are many benefits to incorporating a holistic approach to improve overall health and achieve optimal wellness,” said Founder and President Melissa Fenton, PhD, LMHC. “Mind Body and Beyond offers traditional and complementary practices under one roof in a nurturing environment. We provide a comprehensive healing environment that advances each person mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually through a synergistic, integrative approach.”

A licensed psychotherapist, Fenton offers individual and family therapy to adults. She develops client-centered treatment plans, using a variety of therapeutic techniques and healing modalities. The center’s practitioners approach wellness and healing from a holistic perspective, offering healthy healing methods that positively impact body, mind and spirit.

The newly built state-of-the-art wellness center showcases soothing contemporary design elements and features a dedicated yoga studio, an acupuncture room and a meditation garden. The “Tree of Life” in the yoga studio exemplifies the way Mind, Body and Beyond fosters individual growth. The center offers a calm and relaxing environment for those seeking mental, physical or spiritual healing.

Mind Body and Beyond offers convenient access to J. Turner Butler Boulevard, St. Johns Town Center, Southside, Beaches and Downtown Jacksonville. For more information or to register for classes, call (904) 992-9930, email info@mbandbcenter.com or visit MindBodyandBeyondCenter.com.