To Our Dear Clients,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is being recommended that individuals and communities use social distancing (staying away from non-essential in-person gatherings) in order to slow the virus’ spread. This would mean that the number of cases of COVID-19 will stretch out across a longer period of time with less people sick at any one time and we would be doing OUR part to not exceed the capacity of our nation’s health care system to help everyone who is very sick. Increasing the time also buys us time for university and government scientists, and industry, to create new therapies, medications and potentially a vaccine.

We understand that canceling, postponing or moving online for our work has the potential to be inconvenient, frustrating and less rewarding. We at MBB are aware of the fears and confusion that people are experiencing during this time and we remain here to help you! During this short time period, we are offering telehealth sessions for mental health, Coaching, Readings and Reiki via FaceTime, Skype or telephone for those that would either like to stay home or need to stay home. Please call 904-992-9930 to confirm your appointment and if you would like to have your session remotely. If so, please let us know if you are using an Apple device in order to use FaceTime (please supply phone number), or if you would like to use Skype (please supply user name).

Re: 30 days/$30 yoga promotion MBB will be suspending classes and will extend the length of the 30 days for $30 for those that have already purchased this promotion when the current health concerns subside.

Re: Acupuncture services- For acupuncture services, MBB will continue to offer in-person sessions with extended precautions taken.  If,however, you elect to postpone or cancel your acupuncture session, please call us so we may reschedule your visit and we will waive the cancellation fee.

Allissa Besner, our director of customer experience, will be reaching out to each scheduled client to confirm your remote appointment or reschedule your session based on personal preference.

Thank you for your patience and patronage. Please stay safe, calm, and informed.

In light and love,

Melissa Fenton, PhD, LMHC and the MBB team